Tento test je pouze orientační se zaměřením na gramatiku a slovní zásobu. Pro přesné určení jazykové pokročilosti doporučujeme navíc krátkou konverzaci v anglickém jazyce.

Vyplňujte pouze ty otázky, na které znáte odpověď. Tipování může ovlivnit Váš výsledek a následně určit špatnou jazykovou úroveň.

1. James is French. _______ from Paris.

2. Are you Czech? No, _______

3. This is my friend. _______ name is Susan.

4. I work as a sales manager. ______________?

5. I drink coffee. My father _______ coffee too.

6. Where is Peter? _______

7. I'm going shopping. _______ with me?

8. Is this your car? Yes, _______

9. What are your plans for this Summer?

10. I am hungry. ______________ something to eat.

11. What's James doing tonight? He _______ football match with his friend.

12. Would you like _______ blackberry juice?

13. "Let's go to Paris!" "No, _______ there last year."

14. I ______________ yesterday for 2 hours.

15. It's possible he's already at home. He _______ be at home.

16. You _______ smoke in this area. It is forbidden.

17. Last Saturday at 5 pm we ______________

18. "How long _______ for this company?" "Since 2008."

19. I _______ this book for a month.

20. John _______ when I called him.

21. The teacher _______ disturb.

22. Chinese is _______ than Spanish.

23. Detached house _______ skyscraper.

24. "The report was not correct!", the chief said. The chief said _______

25. My sister _______ early morning. Every day she gets up at 5 am.

26. The election _______ last month.

27. She said: "Call him immediately!" She insisted _______ immediately.

28. The boss _______ complete the task.

29. I'm going on holiday in September _______ most people are back at work.

30. I'm seeing an optician tomorrow. I ______________

31. It's a sunny day today! I feel like _______

32. The film was so boring! I regret _______ that film.

33. Give me a call as soon as _______

34. This is a touchy issue. I'd rather _______ about it at the moment.

35. If you mix blue and yellow, you _______ green.

36. If you pass your driving test, I _______ out for a meal.

37. If we hadn't argued, we _______ a nice time.

38. I'll be 45 minutes late. Would you mind _______ for a while?

39. I am not able to play any musical instrument. If only _______ how to play the guitar.

40. "I will book the tickets soon", said Joe. Joe said he _______ the tickets soon.

41. I can't find my book. I _______ at school.

42. I think we _______ the wrong road. This doesn't look familiar.

43. Goods worth 750 million _______ from shop each year.

44. This time next week _______ on the beach.

45. By the end of today _______ over 250 km.

46. I'm late again, _______?

47. You had better _______ teacher before you leave.

48. We would like to know when ______________

49. It's time you _______ to bed now.

50. He has difficulty _______ new friends.


When people talk about biodiversity, they usually mean the range and variety of species of all living things. There are about 1.5 million named species on the planet, but we know that many unnamed species exist, and the total number is probably between 5 and 15 million, many of which are now at (51) _______ . Most of the evidence for this comes from studies of tropical forests, where new species of exotic birds, strange insects and (52) _______ plants are constantly (53) ______ to light. The tropical rainforests are home to possibly as many as 90 per cent of all the species that exist, but over the last 100 years, almost half of the forests on (54) _______ have disappeared. At the current rate of (55) ________, there will be only tiny patches of rainforest left by the middle of the 21st century, and biologists estimate that in the next 75 years, more than half of all species will become (56) ________ .